Choosing the Right CD34+ Cells Product: Optimize Your Research Potential with Mobilized Stem Cells



January 16, 2024

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  • The therapeutic potential of CD34+ cells is virtually limitless, but the cells themselves can be obtained through several different formats, such as mobilized leukopaks, bone marrow aspirate and cord blood, or isolated CD34+. So how do you choose which CD34+ cells product is right for your needs? Mobilized peripheral blood yields significantly more enriched CD34+ hematopoetic stem cells from a single donor when compared to non-mobilized leukpaharesis product. With five mobilization regimens to choose from—BioIVT’s expertise in mobilized apheresis collections enables smarter science by providing immediate access to a large global network of highly characterized donors. Whether it’s from mobilized leukopaks, bone marrow aspirate, or isolated cells – BioIVT has your CD34+ needs covered.

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