DDI Potential of Major Pharmaceutical Excipients on Transporters and Enzymes



January 16, 2024

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  • Speaker: Mark Warren, PhD, Senior Director of Transporter Assay Services, BioIVT Abstract: Excipients are “inactive” ingredients that are added to therapeutic drug products that are not intended to exert therapeutic effects by themselves. However, these excipients may inhibit intestinal transporters that can be responsible for enhancing or reducing the absorption of not only the drug that is administered along with the excipient, but also the absorption of co-medications that have never been tested with that excipient. Generic products may contain different excipients than the original branded medication, which may also contribute to unexpected drug-drug interactions. Numerous excipients were tested and shown to inhibit OATP2B1, an intestinal drug uptake transporter, as well as BCRP and P gp, intestinal drug efflux transporters.


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