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Octet®️ Platform: Instrument Showcase



November 22, 2023

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  • Label-Free High-Quality Kinetics and Quantitation in Real-Time - Octet®️ Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) systems offer an advanced, fast, robust, and fluidics-free approach for protein-protein and protein-small molecule analysis. Learn more: The Octet®️ platform is comprised of instruments, software, biosensors, reagents and assay kits for biomolecular interactions analysis in standard microplates. All Octet®️ instruments have comparable sensitivity and direct detection of specific proteins or drug molecules - even in complex mixtures and unpurified samples such as cell culture supernatants and lysates. The Octet®️ platform is a scalable solution that can process up to 96 samples in parallel. This unprecedented throughput and flexibility will empower scientists by enabling faster time to market, quicker project completion, and greater project capacity. 00:02 The Sartorius Octet® allows researchers to analyze protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions and represents the fluidic free industry standard for label-free analysis. 00:14 The Bio-Layer Interferometry platform includes instruments biosensors reagents assay kits and software to measure binding affinities kinetics and concentrations in real time. 00:27 This integrated solution makes it significantly faster and easier to perform robust characterization of biomolecules and drug candidates accelerating workflows and delivering stress-free data for early decision making. 00:42 Sartorius's latest offering the Octet® R series provides a modular and scalable solution for molecular screening in 96 well microplates. 00:51 Offering a choice of two four or eight channel parallel processing, these instruments are designed to provide fully automated walk-away processing to meet every lab's budget and throughput requirements. 01:06 The entry-level octet r2 is intended for labs with low throughput requirements or a limited budget. 01:12 It brings the benefits of bio-layer interferometry to a wider audience, including features such as robust temperature control and microplate cooling that were previously only available on larger high-end systems. 01:26 The modular design of the r series makes it possible to upgrade your instrument as your throughput requirements change. 01:35 For example an Octet® R2 system can be converted to an Octet® R4 in the field, doubling your throughput instantly and offering the perfect balance between performance and price. 01:46 You can even upgrade to an Octet® R8 to further increase throughput without the instrument ever leaving your lab. 01:53 This helps to protect your investment and future proof your workflows without the need to redesign assays and protocols as throughput increases. 02:04 the top of the range Octet® R8 offers high throughput analysis while still being within budget of most labs. 02:11 Intended for use in both pure research and GMP environments the Octet® R8 is designed to work seamlessly with 21 CFR part 11 compliance software simplifying and streamlining the compilation of documentation for regulatory filings. 02:26 This system also features advanced evaporation protection allowing long runtime experiments and high affinity binding kinetic studies to be performed without compromising on data quality. Follow us on LinkedIn: : Do not forget to subscribe to have better access to our videos! #BioLayerInterferometry #BLI #Octet #GenuineOctet

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