Utmost Efficiency In Gene Expression Data And Biological Networks Analysis with InSyBio BioNets



January 30, 2016

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  • InSyBio BioNets, is an innovative set of tools that provide a user friendly web interface to perform most available analysis steps for gene expression datasets while also providing a novel systems medicine approach to uncover meaningful biomarkers from them. InSyBio BioNets facilitate the construction, preprocessing, meta-analysis and visualization of biological networks. Additional tools for parsing gene expression files, creating gene co-expression files and uncovering differential expression biomarkers have been incorporated to InSyBio BioNets to enable the construction and analysis of gene co-expression networks. InSyBio BioNets possess the following key properties which can directly and positively affect both the time and efficiency of your research: Biomarker discovery using a novel systems medicine approach based on biological network comparison which leads to more compact biomarker sets with increased predictive accuracy; Semi-automated web based analysis of gene expression data and biological network analysis; No need for personal supercomputers to perform difficult computing tasks: they are now executed in our cloud infrastructure with minimum burden on the user’s pc.; Flexible analysis: Experienced users can select through a variety of providedalgorithms and parameters while inexperienced ones can use our fine-tuned default setups; Informative Biomarkers Reports which integrate information from multiple sources (OMIM, GeneCards and so on). You can have a look at the white paper of this product for more details http://www.insybio.com/files/BioNets_WhitePaper.pdf. A case study of early stage biomarker discovery for Parkinson Disease is also included in this white paper. A demo version of InSyBio BioNets is freely available at http://demo.insybio.com. To request a free one month or to purchase the full version of InSyBio BioNets please email us at info@insybio.com.

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