3D InSight™ human pancreatic microislets & the power of combination with HTRF® technology - Webinar



December 18, 2015

Part 1: 3D InSight™ human pancreatic microislets: A versatile in-vitro tool for diabetes research and safety assessment Human Pancreatic islets are difficult to source, of variable quality and purity while experimental work is usually very tedious and difficult to standardize. We present the 3D InSight™ human pancreatic microislets as a standardized platform to study islet biology in the context of drug discovery which is capable to overcome the limitations usually associated with primary pancreatic islets. Part 2: HTRF® technology combines FRET with time-resolved measurement enabling an accurate quantification of biomolecules using a time- and sample-saving homogeneous format. The HTRF Insulin assay was successfully applied to 3D InSight human pancreatic microislets. This combination represents an innovative solution for analyzing insulin secretion in a physiologically relevant in vitro model.

Analytical TechniquesDrug Discovery

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