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December 14, 2015 is proud to offer the New KMPi TFF System for Lab and Pilot Bioprocessing. The KMPi is a Fully Integrated System, with Single-Use Capabilities, and Automated Functions for precise and reproducible control. Tracking Process Development, with Extensive Documentation and Reliable Analysis for Simple Standardization of Procedures in Biotech, Vaccines, Gene Therapy, Drug Delivery, and many other applications. Specifically designed to support Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration from 10 liters to 500 liters, the KMPi System is Robust, and Versatile. Equipped with Spectrum’s modified polyethersulfone membranes, for excellent selectivity, higher flux, and faster processing times. The KMPi system enhances a variety of bioprocessing applications. Spectrum’s Sterile and Ready-to-Use Flow Paths feature Non-Invasive Components for Operational Simplicity and Quality Assurance. The digitally controlled peristaltic pump with reversible motor is powerful. Delivering precision flow control during all operations, with a compact design to minimize laboratory footprint. Accurate and Disposable, Polysulfone Pressure Transducers report valuable data and process details to the System. Communicating critical information to the technician, through the Digital Pressure Monitor. Live from the application! The KMPi measures, calculates, and displays Real-Time Pressure and scale readings to help maximize product recovery. Permitting a vast array of user-defined alarms, and set points to safely maintain operation. For Ease of Use, all KMPi settings and configurations can be input; either, at the pump console, or by computer. With KFComm, Spectrum’s Data Collection Software. The KFComm Program is Fully Accessible, enabling Instant Analysis while maintaining complete control of the entire process. Allowing Operators to set process parameters, and walk away; during Complex, Long Runs of Large-Batch Pilot Studies. Meanwhile, KFComm digitally records and catalogs all important criteria. Users can easily program; high weight, low weight and pressure alarms, or fine tune application set-points. Using one of five Automated Sequences, or Manual Mode. Simply, input the Concentration Factors, and Diafiltration Volumes; and the KMPi will calculate the rest.Real-time overviews of the Filtration Process will generate quickly. So you can comfortably track progress; and ensure the reproducibility of separations. Optimize your TFF process development with Consistent Control and Dependable Feedback from the KMPi System. by Advancing the science of separation.

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