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November 26, 2015

The amount of scientific data doubles every three years, but scientists mostly still rely on paper notebooks to keep track of their experiments, much like Marie Currie did 100 years ago.

However, today most of generated data is digital and more than 80% of it becomes untraceable, stored on some computer. Introducing sciNote – a modern way to organize your scientific data and safely store it all in one place.

Manage your projects, organize your tasks into workflows, upload results, generate reports for a meeting and share your data with your peers. You can also write your comments much like you would in a paper notebook.

Access your data from anywhere with completely free sciNote cloud account or install it locally.

sciNote is an open source platform so you can create your own modules, choose from a growing number of existing ones or contact sciNote team and they will develop it for you.

sciNote, the easiest way to manage your scientific data.

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