The KML™ 100 - Benchtop Perfusion and TFF System



August 12, 2015

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  • presents the next technological advancement in Filtration. The KML™ 100 (KrosFlo® MagLev), is a Benchtop Perfusion and TFF System, maximizing convenience and flexibility for Continuous Cell Perfusion and Tangential Flow Filtration. The KML is ideal for maintaining cell viability, and increasing production of biological drugs, at processing volumes ranging from 2 Liters to 100 Liters. Utilizing modified polyethersulfone membranes, the KML benchtop system creates a conducive environment for cell growth, removing problematic enzymes.
    The KML has 5 modes of TFF control, for a variety of concentration and diafiltration recipes. Or, a perfusion mode, tailored to your specific bioreactor’s needs. Spectrum’s unique flow path design provides increased process efficiency, and ensures cell viability. The low shear magnetic levitating pump creates a consistent, gentle flow that eliminates pulsation to protect your sample throughout the automated process.
    Additionally, low residence time of cells outside the bioreactor provides the optimal conditions for cell growth. Built-in communication between components keep the KML system constantly up-to-date and in-sync. Automatically controlling pressures, flows, and weights. Maintaining pressures for optimal process flux; matching flow set-points for a consistent consistent RPM’s. All while, balancing the flow rate of media addition and permeate flow.
    Simply input your unique specifications ahead of time with Spectrum’s load cell set-point controls. And, let the KML do the rest.
    Spectrum’s color touch screen displays real-time data for important process parameters, to ensure product safety, the KML system incorporates visible and audible alarm systems, with safety interlocks during operation. Real-time graphs will collect requested data, eliminating tedious clerical work in the lab. Once completed, USB Data Collection is simple. Ready to go, and available at your finger tips.
    The KML’s compact design minimizes your laboratory footprint.
    The detachable flow path stand expands your arrangement options and flexibility. Making the KML easily adaptable to any laboratory set-up or style. The KrosFlo MagLev Benchtop System from Spectrum Labs. Advancing the Science of Separation, and Cell Expansion!

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