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June 18, 2015

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  • Andrew Alliance provides our Andrew Lab protocol design software to the global scientific community free of charge. Simply visit our website ( or follow this link ( in order to download it yourself. Andrew Lab is extraordinarily easy to learn and use. You can rapidly design a protocol by dragging and dropping plates, tubes, reagents, etc., onto the virtual lab bench. The software creates the protocol recipe for you, computes all the amounts of liquids required, and will calculate concentrations for all reagents at any step of the process. The software interface is highly intuitive and easy for lab personnel at all levels of experience to run expertly with little training. The software and system are also very flexible. Whether you have a simple task that needs to be repeated many times or a complex process that changes each time you run it, Andrew adapts to your needs. Andrew Lab is designed to fit your needs. Set up pipetting procedures in the way you think; you don’t need to adapt to Andrew, it will adapt to you. Once the protocol is designed, it can be distributed worldwide, read and interpreted in the local language (from Chinese to Russian), and executed by Andrew in any collaborator’s lab. Inter-laboratory variations, intra-laboratory errors are eliminated. In a few simple clicks, Andrew Lab has the ability to: Specify all pipetting actions, including specific operations such as incubations and special user interventions Verify actual liquid compositions at any step Compute the correct dilution factors for achieving precise reagent concentrations Enable the creation of complete serial dilutions and complex combinations of reagents with replicates Andrew Lab can import and export solutions and consumables from any other program or file, including Excel or a LIMS system. Andrew Lab also determines the initial required amount of stock solutions. After a generic protocol is defined, you can now either you perform it by hand or allow our automated system, Andrew, do all of the pipetting for you.

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