How To Clean Cuvettes with FireflySci's Cuvette Washer



May 5, 2015

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  • Having problems cleaning those spectrophotometer cuvettes? In this video we go over how to use the FireflySci Cuvette Washer. This cuvette washer is amazingly powerful and it takes only a few seconds to clean a cuvette. Here are the steps for using the FireflySci Cuvette Washer: (The steps below already assume that you have hooked up your vacuum flask and have placed the cuvette washer on top) 1. Pour out sample from the cuvette. 2. Flip the cuvette over and insert it in the cup with the small spout in the middle. 3. Fill the large cup (the one without the cuvette it in) with your favorite cleaning solution. Since this cuvette washer is made of glass it can handle tough chemicals. 4. Turn on your vacuum pump. 5. Watch your cuvette get blasted clean! 6. Remove the cuvette and place on a cell drying rack. It is so fast and simple to use. FireflySci also has a double cuvette washer available for washing two cuvettes at a time. Please visit the FireflySci webpage at for more information

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