HT4000E - Automated SPE-LC Autosampler - Sample Purification Process



April 28, 2015

HT4000E - automated SPE-HPLC autosampler by HTA - combines both SPE automation and HPLC autosampler capability in a single unit.

HT4000E combined with HTAPREP lab automation software can fully automate all the SPE steps (including cartridge conditioning and activation, sample loading, cartridge washing, analyte elution and cartridge drying). All these phases require precise volumes, flow rates, timing and more that are not easy to achieve manually. Therefore, automating SPE improves reproducibility and accuracy, reduces the costs and delays associated with re-runs and increases the overall throughput by running samples 24/7.

Furthermore HTAPREP enables the lab technicians to optimize parameters for every specific application(s) and it is an incommensurable support during method development, allowing to obtain the highest analyte recovery.

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