Most Compact – Eppendorf DASbox Mini Bioreactor System



April 27, 2015

Scientists are passionate people investing a lot in their daily research. However, research and process development can feel like a long journey of ups and downs. The Eppendorf DASbox Mini Bioreactor System is a premium tool that helps streamlining process development. Its innovative design in blocks of four makes it an ideal tool for parallel processing and Design of Experiments. The DASbox offers all the process control functionalities of industrial bioreactors. With small working volumes of 60 – 250 mL it is a perfect fit for media optimization and small scale bioprocess development. Liquid-free temperature control and exhaust condensation simplifies the operation of the DASbox and makes it easy to use.
Thanks to the comprehensive control software each bioreactor can be operated individually allowing researchers to react to changing process conditions and adjust parameters. In addition to the control software, optional packages offer solutions for interconnectivity of benchtop equipment and sophisticated bioprocess information management.
The DASbox is available for cell culture as well as microbial applications and can be operated with autoclavable or single-use bioreactors.

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