Horizon Discovery: Products and Services from Sequence to Treatment



March 24, 2015

Horizon’s products and services represent the best in cutting translational genomics provided to our customers in a truly collaborative way. We can help across the entire drug discovery and development continuum from basic research through to helping to support the quality of molecular diagnostics. Powering Genomic Research and Personalized Medicine, from Sequence to Treatment. Horizon’s Guiding principles: • We don’t just sell, we partner with our clients, providing the support and expertise they need to drive their research • Our capabilities extend throughout the drug discovery and personalized medicine continuum so that we can grow with our clients as their needs evolve • We access, develop and refine cutting edge science to provide to and wield on behalf of our clients • We ensure that products and services provided are high quality and good value • We are honest, transparent and responsive in all of our communications


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