Andrew- The Novel Automated Liquid Hander Using Conventional Pipettes



March 18, 2015

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  • The Andrew product family is a multi-awarded (SLAS, Miptec, IBO, Robobusiness) companion robot suite that provides a reliable and convenient alternative to manual pipetting and complex liquid handling workstations. Weighing only 10 kg and with a minimum footprint corresponding to a standard sheet of paper, Andrew can coexist and work in a standard laboratory environment without a complex installation: on your workbench, under a hood, and even in a refrigerator at 4°C.. The working deck, known as DOMINO™, allows users to perform small to complex experiments in which the robot adapts itself to the experiment size. A simple experiment using a single microplate is possible, as is an experiment using 10 microplates (or 150 microtubes, or 100 tubes, or any mixture of different consumables). Andrew also adapts to the user’s consumables including microplates, tips, and tubes. The system allows the user to control the consumables choice – instead of mandating certain brands or high priced products. The free protocol design software allows even novices in automation to build and execute protocols in a matter of minutes with virtually no training. Visit our website ( to learn more, request a demonstration, or to speak to a product expert.

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