New Metabolomics Biomarker for Heart Failure



February 18, 2015

"Metabolomics has been successfully applied to identify and validate biomarkers for congestive heart failure. Diagnosis and risk stratification of heart failure (HF) is challenging. Yet, the clinical utility of established biomarkers is limited in particular by their lack of sensitivity for the early detection of HF. Metabolomics of plasma samples was performed by both untargeted and targeted GC-MS and LC-MS/MS. In the initial single center identification phase metabolites were nominated for multimarker panels and their performance was verified in an independent validation cohort from three clinical centers (in total >800 HF patients and >330 healthy controls). The metabolite multimarkers not only showed a similar diagnostic performance compared to NT-proBNP, but also demonstrated a significant added diagnostic value when combining with NT-proBNP for several HF subgroups. We conclude that metabolomic biomarkers may be useful in the early detection of HF. BENEFITS - Learn how metabolite data enables discovery of new biomarker for diagnostics - Outline how to leverage metabolomics results to validated biomarkers - Understand the current limitations of established heart failure diagnosis and how to overcome these - Comprehend how established clinical markers (e.g. NT proBNP) can be combined with the new metabolic signature applying cutting-edge biostatistics for an improved diagnosis

DiagnosticsProteomics and Metabolomics

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