An ULTImate Y2H project at Hybrigenics Services: making of



February 5, 2015

Enter Hybrigenics Services headquarters and labs to discover how our teams conduct the Yeast Two-Hybrid screening project of scientists working either in basic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agrobiotech research.
From project design, experimental testing and lab production to full bioinformatics results analysis, meet the Protein Interactions Experts who handle your ULTImate Y2H screening.

Thanks to its proprietary cell-to-cell mating protocol, Hybrigenics provides you with the most exhaustive cDNA library screening process. Discover novel binding partners of your protein without missing anyone.

Dozens of cDNA libraries are available from human and mammals tissues or cell lines but also from plants and crops (A.thaliana, Tobacco, Rice, Maize, Soybean, Tomato, Wheat), model organisms (C.elegans, D.melanogaster, X.laevis), bacteria, viruses, parasites and others. More than 25 species are represented and we can build specific libraries on demand.

We adapted our Yeast Two-Hybrid technology to the identification of the binding partners of DNA sequence, RNA and also small molecule, becoming a key provider of drug discovery services.

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