Density Gradient Column Filler



February 4, 2015

Density Gradient Column Filler

Density Gradient Columns are used widely in both industry and research to determine the density of solid samples, especially those that are too small to be measured using pyknometry or hydrostatic weighing.

The accuracy of a density gradient column is dependent on a number of factors; the length of the column, the density range that the column spans, and the quality of the calibration. It is also necessary for the liquid in the column to be stable and to have an accurate gradient.

H&D Fitzgerald have developed a micro-processor controlled column filler. This instrument overcomes the problems associated with ‘hand-filling’ columns by replacing the often inaccurate and extremely time consuming methods previously used.


• Microprocessor-controlled.
• Fully automated.
• Fast, accurate, and repeatable building of density gradient columns.
• Program controlled top and bottom densities, column volumes and buffer volumes.
• Leaves the technician free to undertake other duties.
• Use any two miscible liquids.
• Re-usable gradients, as the previous column setting is stored.
• Selectable density units, using either g/ml or kg/m3.
• Provides an integrated solution for solid density measurement when used in conjunction with our UKAS calibrated floats. ‘Measurement mode’ allows the user the calculate the density of any sample placed in the column.

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