4500psi high pressure air compressor,pcp air pump.



February 3, 2015

Our company is specializing in the production of 30 MPA high pressure air compressor. The machine mainly inflatable used for PCP (Pre - Charge Pneumatic) ,High pressure gas storage chamber , Paintball gun high-pressure cylinders, Pneumatic line throwing, and various kinds of high pressure vessel, pressure pipe. The largest output pressure can reach 40Mpa(400bar/5800Psi). The products adopts three-stage air compression, not cold water.Inflatable rate is so faster than general products on the market,reached three times.safety explosion-proof in the process of inflatable. Email:kerry@hbrxjc.com Skype:Kerry@hbrxjc.com QQ:1276142350 Mobile:0086-18730914556


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