Disruptive technologies for formulation, stabilisation and delivery of therapeutic proteins



January 21, 2015

In this video an aqueous protein/parenteral excipient formulation is flow-precipitated at room temperature and pressure to form a suspension of dehydrated protein microparticles. Even at this lab-scale, protein is processed at 5g per min and can then be secondary dried by vacuum or SCFE depending on the application. A GMP compliant process has been built and a manufacturing plant is being developed. XstalBio's flow-precipitation technology provides a versatile platform for processing therapeutic proteins and vaccines into extremely stable dry powders. Applications include inhalable biologic powders, concentration of therapeutic proteins, such as mAbs, to >150 mg/ml, intermediate solid-state storage of sensitive proteins, such as ADC, sustained release formulations of proteins and cold-chain free oral vaccines.

These patented technologies are available for licensing from XstalBio. Please visit www.xstalbio.com or contact Dr. Marie Claire Parker by calling +44 141 330 3801.

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