An innovative metabolic signature : The METAscreen Nutrient transporter Profiling Kit



December 12, 2014

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  • METAFORA biosystems is proud to announce the launch its first line of products valorizing its proprietary RBD technology in the research market. RBDs are ligands that can be used in flow cytometry or immunofluorescence assays to selectively target Nutrient Transporters at the cell surface. This provides an easy and quantitative readout of active Nutrient Transport dynamics revealing metabolic adaptation of cells undergoing a change of function or a disorder. The Warburg effect or glycolytic switch is the most studied metabolic reprograming in cancer cells, immune cells, stem cell differentiation, etc... RBDs allow for example to evaluate glycolysis intensity by quantifying glucose transporter Glut1, the rate limiting step of this essential energetic pathway. Similarly, the glutamine pathway, the redox activity or phosphate homeostasis can be explored? The METAscreen© profiling kit will provide useful insights on these essential pathways of cell metabolism and function. Watch our tutorial video to understand how straight forward it is to perform the analysis and go to METAFORA biosystems website to order your kit.

    Analytical TechniquesCell ScienceImmunologyMolecular Biology

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