KrosFlo® Perfusion Systems from Spectrum Labs



December 10, 2014

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  • Spectrum Labs is proud to introduce the KrosFlo Perfusion System.
    As a leader in perfusion innovation, Spectrum Labs has focused on improving cell culture yields by simplifying operations. Utilizing modified polyethersulfone membranes, ... the KrosFlo perfusion system creates a conducive environment for cell growth, and increases the amount of expressed proteins... creating a high quality product by removing problematic enzymes. The specific hollow fiber geometry is perfect for large membrane capacities,... and achieves extremely high cell densities,... while maintaining cell viability.
    With sterile, disposable and ready-to-use components, KrosFlo Perfusion Systems combine convenience with optimal performance. The KrosFlo Perfusion System eliminates the autoclaving process, taking set up time from hours to minutes. Spectrum's KPS Systems are designed specifically to lower the residence time of cells outside the bio-reactor. This minimizes damage to the cells, while creating a low shear, smooth flow-path, without changing cell viability or function. In addition, the gentle flow rate is ideal for Perfusion, and eliminates pulsations creating stable pressure profiles. Also equipped with non-invasive components, and an LCD touch screen to control and maintain critical operation parameters. The KPS Systems, with capabilities from 2-2000 Liters; can handle Lab, Pilot, and Production Scale Bioreactors. For greater flexibility and a small laboratory footprint, the KML System accommodates low volume perfusion at an affordable price.

    KrosFlo Perfusion Systems from Spectrum Labs

    Advancing the science of separation, and cell expansion.

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