Hollow Fiber vs. Cassette Filtration



December 10, 2014

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  • Throughout Science, flow-paths take many shapes. This is particularly true on the Journey across Tangential Flow Filtration. With process efficiency as our aim, let’s examine the differences between hollow fiber and cassette filtration. Hollow Fiber Filters from Spectrum Labs ship as one all-inclusive package compared to the additional costs incurred from the multitude of components needed in cassette filtration systems. Cassette systems require multiple filters and a manifold to do the work of one Hollow Fiber Module; which utilizes a contained disposable filter, ideal for easy setup. In addition, Spectrum’s state-of-the-art digital pressure sensors enable increased accuracy, compared to old analog gauges traditionally used in cassette filtration. Spectrum Lab’s Hollow Fiber technology is Ready-to-Use, taking set up time from hours to minutes. In cases of over-torque, pressure can exceed limitations, compromising the membrane and collapsing channel walls. Under normal operating procedures, cassette filters employ a tortuous flow path. Whereas Hollow Fiber filtration is linear and concise; creating a smooth tract for more gentle separations. For the most efficient and precise processing possible. Let’s take a closer look at the different flow paths. Inside the cassette filter, particles must travel through a strenuous and complicated flow path. With Hollow Fiber Filters from Spectrum Labs, your sample moves through a simple, linear flow path, maintaining smooth and gentle flow. Cassette configuration centers around a flat sheet design, which use screens as turbulence promoters to direct flow and disperse particles. With hollow fiber filtration from Spectrum Labs, the open channel design protects your product by creating an unobstructed pathway, increasing recovery. The tubular geometry allows for efficient processing of greater yields in less time. Hollow fiber filters from Spectrum Labs allow for Optimal Drainability which results in a higher profit margin. Additionally, Spectrum Labs Hollow Fiber Filters are scalable, ensuring consistent and reliable results from laboratory R&D to full-scale production. The results are clear ... save money, and setup time... enhance your system’s flow path... increase your recovery and yield potential. Optimize Process Efficiency with Ready-to-Use Hollow Fiber Technology from Spectrum Labs.

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