Pivot Park Screening Centre, The Pivot for Screening Knowledge and Expertise



October 30, 2014

Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) is a recently established company building on a total of more than 100 years of screening and assay development expertise. It houses the latest generation of automation platforms, allowing ultrahigh throughput screening (uHTS) reaching over 350,000 datapoints per day. PPSC also runs an open access lab, accessible to researchers worldwide seeking automation opportunities. Researchers can perform their own projects under supervision of a screening expert; completely managed by them; or fully subcontracted to PPSC. PPSC is the screening site for the European Lead Factory (ELF), which uses a new open innovation model for Pharma research. Under this prestigious IMI-initiative, a total of 120 public targets will be screened using the unique ELF 500K compound library. Academics and SMEs who have developed an HTS-compatible assay can apply for a public screening campaign, funded by the ELF. The results become the property of the target owners where they obtain a 3 year exclusive license on the results. Screening at PPSC can be performed using a researcher’s own compounds or by using the high quality compound library of PPSC (currently ~ 225k). First screening campaigns at the PPSC, using the in-house compound library, have been completed successfully. Data obtained in a search for antimalarials in collaboration with TropIQ will be presented.

Drug Discovery

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