Enabling New Pharma



October 31, 2014

Finding new uses or indications for existing medications has gained unprecedented momentum in recent years. NIH’s new venture in setting up Drug Discovery Institute is primarily to accelerate the drug repositioning efforts. There are over 50 companies with unique capabilities to support drug repositioning efforts. The approach is now systematic, and has become the chosen route for a number of biotechs and small pharmas. These ‘drugs’ include not only the FDA approved drugs, but also the drugs that have been withdrawn, and those that have gone through clinical trials but not marketed. Since these drugs have a significant ‘safety’ profile and possibly conquered the ‘valley of death’, the cost of taking these drugs in to the market is low, and faster. The questions remain as to who owns the intellectual property, and what prevents a physician prescribing the drug for off-label uses. The talk will analyze the drug repositioning strategies, assess opportunities and business models, highlight major challenges, explore intellectual property barriers, etc.

Drug Discovery

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