MagSi-NGSPREP - NGS Library Preparation and Size Selection on a Gilson PipetmaX



March 17, 2014

This video shows a very cost efficient automation with the Gilson PIPETMAX and MagSi-NGSPREP for Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation. MagSi-NGSPREP is designed for an optimized purification of next generation library preparation through efficient clean up of the successive enzymatic reactions (ie. End repair, dA-Tailing, Adaptor ligation). MagSi-NGSPREP is used for clean up of library targeting sequencers such as Life Technologies (ABI SOLiD, Ion Torrent); Illumina's (HiSeq 2000, MiSeq, GAIIx); and Roche's 454). Magnetic bead based MagSi-NGSPREP offers an efficient solution for clean-up and size selection in library preparation of NGS sequencing reactions. The simple and flexible protocol can be adjusted to your specific application and NGS platform. MagSi-NGSPREP can be used manually but is also easy to automate for high-throughput processing. In conclusion: a simple and quick way to consistent NGS results.

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