Spectrum's NEW mPES Hollow Fiber Filter Modules



October 21, 2013

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  • Modified Polyethersulfone is an advanced hydrophilic membrane filtration chemistry that provides higher flux rates for faster processing times, excellent selectivity for separation applications, and low protein binding for higher product yields than other membrane chemistries. Spectrum's new modified Polyethersulfone hollow fiber filters provide all the benefits of modified PES chemistry in fully encapsulated modules that are priced for Single-Use. With Spectrum's Single-Use mPES hollow fiber filters, total development and production costs are decreased through the combination of faster processing times, decreased labor costs associated with filter cleaning for re-use and a reduction in the use of costly WFI water. Low protein binding increases the product yield of each processing run. Single-Use eliminates the need for costly stainless steel systems and increases manufacturing flexibility.

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