XDC-96Pro - Automated Decapper & Capper for TPE Caps



October 7, 2013

XDC-96Pro - Automated Decapper & Capper for TPE Caps A high-speed whole rack tube capper/decapper that can automatically remove and then re-cap, or dispose of, septum caps from a full 96-well format tube rack. Can be used alone or easily integrated into robotic systems. Compatible with all 0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.0ml and 1.4ml septum sealed storage tubes. PURGE MODULE The XDC-96PRO is fitted with a purge module that enables an inert gas of choice to be "layered" over the sample straight after decapping, and immediately prior to recapping. This layering technique protects sensitive samples from the action of humidity and oxygen while uncapped and purging immediately prior to recapping ensures that the sample is stored long term in a dry inert atmosphere. The purge sequence and duration is set up using the touch screen or simple PC-based software downloaded to the unit's firmware. AIR BLADE The air blade prevents the waste chute becoming clogged when caps are disposed. Particularly useful when caps become sticky with DMSO use. An air cushion is created as the caps are removed from the harpoons which propels them through the chute at speed. Can be set up for multiple tube types, settings can be saved and recalled using the touch panel.

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