Assembling Omnifit Gripper and P-Type Omnilok Fittings



June 11, 2013

Follow this video for Omnifit Gripper and P-Type Omnilok Fitting assembly instructions.
Step 1. Slice the tubing on a bias cut with a long point.
Step 2. Insert Tubing into the Ferrule as shown.
Step 3. Using pliers or similar tool, pull the tubing through the ferrule. The longer you have made the slice in the tubing, the easier this step will be. Take care to ensure the sealing face of the ferrule is not damaged by fingernails or the tool.
Step 4. Rotate the Ferrule around the tubing to seat it properly.
Step 5. Carefully cut the excess tubing perfectly flush with the ferrule sealing face. Do not cut into or nick the ferrule while cutting. Ensure the cut is perfectly straight across the tube. Carefully inspect each assembly. A microscope is useful to check the quality of the cut tubing at the sealing face.


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