Introducing OmniSep™ Packed Columns by Omnifit™ Labware



June 11, 2013

OmniSep™ packed columns are a cost-effective solution to the time-consuming, manual labour step of packing delicate, low-pressure liquid chromatography (LPLC) media in reusable glass columns. OmniSep™ adheres to rigorous standards for consistency and quality to ensure efficiency and repeatability in the laboratory. Range of Applications OmniSep™ columns are available with ten types of cross-linked agarose- and dextran-based media that are commonly used for preparative chromatography applications: IEX: OmniSep™ Dash A-Q, A-SP, A-DEAE and A-CM HIC: OmniSep™ Dash A-Phenyl, A-Octyl and A-Butyl SEC: OmniSep™ Dash A Desalting: OmniSep™ A-Ni (affinity) and OmniSep™ D (SEC) are desalting columns available in disposable 5mL and 1mL polypropylene packages. OmniSep™ packed columns and Omnifit® precision chromatography columns are offered by Diba and distributed globally by Kinesis. Diba are specialists in fluid handling, with facilities in the US, the UK and Asia. Diba is a Halma company. Choose your local Kinesis office at to order online or find out more.


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