24 Channel Automated Pipetting to the Corning Transwell 24 System



April 18, 2013

This video shows an Apricot Designs i-Pipette working with a 24-well HTS Transwell insert and plate from Corning. The 96 channel pipettor is configured with a specially-designed head and tip assembly from Apricot Designs that allows access to both the "UPPER" and "LOWER" compartments in the Transwell plate, despite the fact that this particular plate has a non-standard well layout (center-to-center well distances). This new system from Apricot Designs allows automation of tasks associated with cell and tissue culture such as are used with this style of microplate, such as adding and removing buffer, adding cells, adding compounds, etc. These steps are currently done manually using a single-channel handheld pipettor, requiring 24 individual pipetting steps for each plate. This is a time-consuming and tedious process that is prone to error and produces a risk of repetitive stress injuries. Apricot Designs now offers this simple and reasonably-priced solution for this application.


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