Xevo G2-S QTof



March 29, 2013

Xevo® G2-S QTof is designed for scientists who need to identify, quantify and confirm the broadest range of compounds in complex and challenging samples.

StepWave™ ion optics provides unsurpassed levels of durable sensitivity
QuanTof™ technology delivers superior UPLC®-compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy and speed of analysis – simultaneously
UPLC/MSE data acquisition comprehensively catalogs complex samples in a single analysis
Fast data directed analysis (FastDDA) allows full structural characterization of unknown compounds
Universal Ion Source Architecture enables the most extensive range of interface capabilities to service the broadest range of applications
IntelliStart™ guarantees maximum system performance and usability for reproducible results

DiagnosticsFood and BeverageForensic ScienceMass Spectrometry

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