VELP Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer UDK 159



January 11, 2013

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  • Fully automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer (distillation unit with integrated colorimetric titrator), for your analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein determiantion, nitrogen content (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acids, cyanides, alcohol content and Devarda nitrogen determination.

    The Kjeldahl Analyzer UDK 159 runs automatically, after setting distillation time and sodium hydroxide, water and boric acid addition, the steam generation output from 10 to 100% using the innovative 6'' color touch screen. The high-precision pumps and burette ensure constant accurate dosing of reagents and with the integrated colorimetric titrator (AOAC recommended) you will have reliable results concerning your nitrogen and protein determinations. Automatic titration vessel cleaning provides significant advantages including reducing maintenance to a minimum.

    A 54-program library (30 pre-defined + 24 customizable) covers the needs of any laboratory and the reporting system is comprehensive. VELP Scientifica Kjeldahl Analyzer UDK 159 offers powerful archiving features. In compliance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), the interfaces enable results to be downloaded to a pen drive or directly to a PC. The .xls format permits operators to use well-known software for extracting reports with maximum flexibility.

    Full understanding and ease of use are ensured the choice of preferred language.
    6 languages are supplied as standard; others are downloadable from VELP.

    The new Kjeldahl Analyzer UDK 159 incorporates a considerably high-tech level, with the VELP patented steam generator that offers high performance, safety (no pressure inside) and is maintenance-free. Another unique VELP component is the titanium condenser, offering reduced water consumption, ensuring that distillate temperature always remains below the threshold value above which some nitrogen can be lost. The unit works with a technopolymer splash head to increase the life expectancy substantially and ensures no maintenance. A technopolymer housing provides high chemical resistance against all the reagents used during the process.

    The UDK 159 is specifically designed to provide full protection of the user. Thanks to an innovative system, sample tubes are inserted without any effort using a lever to displace the tube support and clamping the tube in place securely. Different sizes of test tube are accepted.

    On-board archive for data storage sample data, input from a balance and output to PC, pen drive and printer, in a common format, via Ethernet, USB and RS232 confirm the versatility of the UDK 159.

    Also our Kjeldahl Analyzer incorporates VELP’s revolutionary TEMS™ technology for unprecedented Savings in terms of Time, Energy, Money and Space and works in accordance with Official Regulations including AOAC, EPA, DIN and ISO.

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