DropSense96 micro-sample UV/VIS platform



December 10, 2012

The Trinean DropSense96® is a multi-functional platform for quick and precise UV/VIS analysis and dye-free quantification and content QC of DNA, RNA or protein samples. The Trinean platform combines: - DropSense96® instrument: the only 96well UV/VIS spectrophotometer for microliter sample volumes currently in the market, analyzing up to 96 samples in less than 5 minutes. The instrument can be used manually or integrated into any robot to ensure fully automated droplet quantification. - Micro-volume DropPlates: microfluidic design for conservation of 2 µl samples loaded and micro-cuvette read-out generating an extensive measurement range from 0.1 up to 200 OD (10 mm conversion). The DropPlate96 has a SBS/ANSI footprint for compatibility with liquid robots and multi-pipettes. - Analytical DropQuant software for classic UV/VIS analysis with A260 or A280 quantification. In addition, the cDrop™ analytical package can be used for detailed spectral content profiling of all samples types. This spectral deconvolution software uses the UV/Vis spectral data by the DropSense96® to extract specific and reliable quantitative information by defining the spectral contribution of the isolate and potential contaminants present. The software packages allow easy experimental design and LIMS compatible reporting. The Trinean technology is the method of choice for QC and QA of biomolecules, given its sample purity analysis, dynamic measurement range, small sample consumption and operational efficiency.

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