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BioSorter Large Particle Flow Cytometer



September 18, 2012

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  • Union Biometrica manufactures Large Particle Flow Cytometers for the analysis and sorting of large and fragile objects. The BioSorter instrument with interchangeable FOCA (Fluidics and Optics Core Assembly) modules is an expandable platform that can accommodate samples ranging from 1-to-1500μm diameter. Thus a single instrument can handle a broad range of samples including cell clusters (stem cells, duct cells, adipocytes, pancreatic islets), multicellular organisms (C.elegans, D. melanogaster, D. rerio), bead-based libraries (compounds, cells, micro-encapsulated colonies), seeds, plant tissue and fungi models to name a few examples. A patented pneumatic sorting mechanism sorts organisms and large cells with a gentle puff of air. The entire system operates at much lower pressures thereby avoiding the disruptive high shear forces inherent in traditional flow cytometers. With BioSorter live biologicals and cell clusters can be studied intact thereby allowing you to study the cell-cell interactions found in tissues, tumors or organ systems without the need to disrupt the clusters. Based on size and fluorescent parameters these systems offer an alternative to tedious manual sorting under a microscope thereby offering improved sensitivity, quantification, and repeatability of experiments as well as increased speed for high throughput screens. The optional Profiler software has the unique ability to digitize each object into a succession of peaks and valleys that directly trace the optical density and fluorescence patterns along the axial length of the object as it passes through the flow cell. Profiler™ can collect up to 8,000 data points per object at each of the four optical detectors. Real-time analysis and sorting capabilities makes use of 21 parameters including peak height, peak width, relative peak location and number of peaks for each parameter. Because the fluorescence is mapped along the length of the object, Profiler can even detect weak signals in the presence of stronger signals as well as in the presence of background auto-fluorescence. Union Biometrica is headquartered in suburban Boston (MA, USA) and has a European customer support center in Geel (Belgium). (,

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