Independent Channel Peristaltic Pump



July 10, 2012

Using a late-stage prototype in the engineering lab of IDEX Health & Science in Oak Harbor, WA; Lead Development Engineer Gunay Ozturk validates the independent-channel performance of the new Ismatec® Reglo ICC independent channel peristaltic pump. With individually addressable control of each fluidic channel, the new Ismatec Reglo ICC peristaltic pump eliminates the clutter of multiple pumps on the bench top and resolves application complexity. Long recognized in Europe as the gold standard of Swiss precision, the Ismatec drive now powers three independent channels, each separately programmable from the pump or the computer to deliver continuous flow or precision aspiration and dispense with the added advantage of bi-directional flow on each channel. Visit for information on a special pricing offer good through August 31, 2012.

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