eCow rumen boluses



June 12, 2012

visit our website at eCow rumen boluses are very accurate with a drift less than 0.1 pH per month. The eBolus resides at the bottom of the reticulum which is a secure location with limited movement. The main bacterial activity and its rapidly changing pH takes place in the ventral sac with constant churning and dynamic change. We have developed a dynamic model of the rumen to demonstrate the differences due to measurement location. The model takes values from a .csv file downloaded from an eBolus. Each area represents a different part of the rumen each of which has an offset from the reticulum. You can see how the ventral sac is always 0.2 pH units lower than the reticulum. Buy an eBolus and you can map these data too and develop a better model of rumen acidosis.

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