Nucleic Acid Analysis with the NanoPhotometer® P-Class



May 11, 2012

In this video, methods of Nucleic Acid Analysis with the NanoPhotometer® P-Class are explored. These methods include quantification of Nucleic acids like DNA, RNA, and Oligos at 260nm, purity assessment, and dye incorporation rate. The NanoPhotometer® P-Class has the widest available detection range on the market, spanning from 2 ng/µl to 18,750 ng/µl for dsDNA. Our unique technology allows for a dual passage of light, allowing the NanoPhotometer® to be highly sensitive with ultra-low concentrations. Combine this with its maintenance free design, and you know that you will be getting the most accurate and reproducible results with each measurement. From routine nucleic acid concentration and purity assessment to more complex applications, the NanoPhotometer® P-Class is an integral tool for any high performance lab.

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