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24sure -- improving IVF pregnancy rates with PGD



May 31, 2012

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  • 24sure is a single channel microarray system from BlueGnome ltd ( -- not aCGH (arrayCGH) although similar - for analysing single cells or small numbers of cells for gains and losses of chromosomes -- aneuploidy. Cells used in this system can come from various stages of embryo development; polar bodies (PB) from oocytes; blastomeres from day3 cleavage embryos; trophectodermal (TE) biopsy from blastocysts. The aim of the test is therefore to identify chromosomally normal or euploid embryos, with the rationale that euploid embryos are more likely to result in live births than aneuploid embryos, so improving IVF success rates.

    Drug DiscoveryInformaticsMass SpectrometryMolecular Biology

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