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NanoPhotometer® P-Class Overview



May 11, 2012

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  • In this video, you will get an overview of the NanoPhotometer P-Class. You will learn about its functions, applications, and the technology behind it all. The NanoPhotometer® P-Class is a full line of easy-to-use micro volume spectrophotometers for nucleic acid and protein analysis. As Implen's most recent innovation for total laboratory workflow, the NanoPhotometer® P-Class is an all-in-one solution that includes NanoVolume (0.3µl) analysis, cuvette capability, a built-in vortexer, and standalone operation. Implen's patented Sample Compression Technology™ enables reliable micro volume quantification over a wide dynamic range of 2 - 18,750 ng/µl (dsDNA) and 0.08 - 543 mg/ml (BSA) with spectrum scans in only 3.5 seconds per reading. The NanoPhotometer® P-Class is designed to be maintenance and recalibration free, providing lifetime accurate results without the need for costly service plans.

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