Protein & Peptide Analysis with the NanoPhotometer® P-Class



May 11, 2012

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  • In this video, you will discover why the NanoPhotometer® P-Class is the best choice for your protein quantification. The optical path of the NanoPhotometer® P-Class enables both cuvetteless measurement of protein samples and standard cuvette measurements. The cuvetteless small volume option allows reliable protein measurements in a minimum sample volume starting at 0.3 µl, with a detection range of 0.08 mg/ml to 543 mg/ml for BSA. Implen's Sample Compression Technology™ uses automatic dilution lids to build a capillary film of the sample to an exactly defined thickness and pathlength. This creates a stable microenvironment free from surface tension dependence and evaporation, which are important factors in small volume protein quantification. Due to the fact that the NanoPhotometer® P-Class has no moving parts, it is guaranteed to provide lifetime accuracy without the need for maintenance or recalibration.

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