Baker AniGARD® No Cross-Contamination



April 24, 2012

AniGARD® e3 Animal Transfer Station •Vertical-Flow Recirculating Clean Bench •Multi-Sided 4' and 5' Cabinets •Energy Efficient Engineered Versatile clean bench animal transfer stations designed with you in mind. Comfortable, easily accessible designs make these clean benches ideal for both product and personnel protection in the animal laboratory environment. Our clean bench products feature: •Spacious, easily accessible work areas accommodate a variety of cage sizes and activities •Ergonomic design with efficient lighting increases user comfort and visibility •Designed for easy movement and maneuverability throughout the lab •Offers down to ISO Class 4 (Class 10) protection by delivering HEPA-filtered, particulate-free air •Blower/motor system extends filter life, minimizing filter replacements and life-cycle costs

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