IKA Rotary Evaporator - Magic Distillation



March 1, 2012

What would it be like... if you could just disappear from the daily lab routine? As easily and quickly as liquid escapes from the rotary evaporator? This is the fantasy in the new IKA image video. No words, but plenty of emotion: the joy of the pretty lab technician when she unpacks her new RV 10 Clip. Her frustration with her annoying lab colleague and her yearning for a palm-fringed beach. The evaporator vessel in her hands turns into a magic ball. It magically changes the lab into a holiday location and the pushy jerk turns into a heartthrob. As he allows his IKA white coat to fall away to the relaxing sound of the reggae song especially composed for the video, he reveals himself to be as perfect as the design and technology of the RV 10 Clip. The message: German Technology made by IKA makes magic of the daily lab routine.

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