PL200 Robotic Slide Handling System



February 9, 2012

The PL-100/PL-200 Slide Loaders are advanced systems for automatic slide handling in a variety of microscope applications. Both units are fully supported by both Objective Imaging's Surveyor software with Turboscan, Molecular Devices MetaMorph image acquisition and analysis software as welll as the Media Cybernetics ImagePro 7.0.1 software. The PL-200 model is designed for 1x3 slides and accommodates up to 200 slides that are housed in four removable slide racks, each of which holds up to fifty slides. The PL-100 model is designed for 2x3 slides and is capable of handling up to 100 slides which are housed in two racks of fifty. Sensors on the loader monitor the presence of the slide racks so the system can intelligently respond when racks are changed in the middle of a run for example. Installation of a rack on the loader initiates a unique slide detection system which automatically identifies the location of the slides. Prior has optimized both to provide the highest productivity with a complete system capable of performing load/unload cycles in as little as 24s. The units can be used with existing microscopes simply by adding the appropriate Prior scanning stage.

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