PatchStar Micromanipulator Demonstration



December 21, 2011

The PatchStar is an incredibly versatile and stable manipulator. It offers outstanding stability of less than1 micron of drift over two hours, is electrically silent and very easy to use. This is a quick demonstration and overview of some of the brackets and features of this motorised micromanipulator. PatchStar Demonstration Lets start by taking a look at the intuitive locking mechanism and its easily adaptable range of brackets. PatchStar Locking Demo One of the key features of the PatchStar is the ability to easily rotate it horizontally and vertically. This makes access to the headstage and pipette exchange simple and quick. A novel slotted insert can be located anywhere within the 360 degree rotating base which means that an end stop can be added where you need your manipulator to stop. As well as being able to hold the manipulator in place completely if required. The Shallow approach bracket is normally necessary when using our SlicePlatform, or the movable top plates. The Steep Bracket allows additional height reach for the headstage or probe. It also has the advantage of simple steep angle approach which is sometimes an advantage when using an inverted microscope. A PatchStar combined with the Steep Bracket and the Motorised movable base plate can be perfectly coupled for In-Vivo studies, giving it the additional height and vertical approach required. The vertical flip bracket has been designed when space is at a premium around your setup (for example when 4 PatchStars are around your sample), this allows a vertical flip of your probe for even easier pipette exchange The height of the PatchStar can be reduced by using the low profile bracket. The Z axis stage can be bought forward and dropped down which is perfect when there are height restrictions on your set up and when a low approach is important. There are two options for mounting your probe when using a PatchStar Micromanipulator: The Sliding Probe Carriage comes as standard with the PatchStar. It holds Molecular Devices (Axon) and other headstages that feature a male dovetail that simply slides into the carriage. It has a magnetic attachment at the top end of travel which allows you to hold it in place when changing your pipette or probe. It also features a manual screw to lock it in place for maximum stability while conducting experiments. Adaptors can also be provided for many other headstages. The Universal Rod Holder is used to mount stimulator bars or headstages with mounting bars onto the PatchStar. Find out more about the PatchStar here:

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