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November 21, 2011

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  • MetaMorph NX Software, the next generation of MetaMorph Software, reflects our commitment to ensuring that our customers' experience is the best it can be. Without diminishing any of the features that facilitate comprehensive image acquisition and analysis, MetaMorph NX Software streamlines the workflow for all tasks and provides an entirely new user-centered interface. With one-click access to features, integrated hardware setup, and synchronized, unobstructed views of your data, you can become an imaging expert in minutes. Organized Workspace Coupled With A Faster Workflow In the new patent-pending Dataset View, all of the images and data that belong to a dataset stay together in one organized workspace. The Dataset View displays images in a grid using a layout that you specify - select a view mode to organize any number of images by time point, channel (wavelength), stage position, Z position, and so on. The tab-based "ribbon" interface provides convenient access to the most commonly used options. Select an acquisition mode and only the options that are relevant to the mode appear, guiding you quickly through the task by providing just the right tools at the right time. The ribbon's left-to-right workflow sets the path for hardware configuration, experiment setup, image acquisition, and data analysis, while extensive tooltips and online help offer assistance along the way. To make things even easier, you can create your own shortcuts to the options you use most. Built-in Hardware Setup and Device Control Installing and configuring microscope devices and cameras takes only a few steps using the options on the Hardware Setup tab. MetaMorph NX Software does not impose limits on how hardware is configured - any supported component can be configured as a magnification or illumination component. And, because MetaMorph NX Software leverages the continuous development of drivers throughout its history, it supports more high quality drivers for devices and components than any other imaging software application on the market. Exceptional Display Performance and Multi-Tasking Capability With its new multi-threading capability, MetaMorph NX Software remains responsive during even the longest acquisitions. You can analyze data and inspect images as they are acquired and run multiple measurements at the same time. Multi-threading also allows for asynchronous control of hardware peripherals, improving the speed of acquisitions.

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