Introduction to MetaMorph NX 4D Viewer



November 21, 2011

View your images from the inside out! Molecular Devices announces the 4D Viewer, the latest and most exciting addition to the lineup of advanced image analysis capabilities offered with the MetaMorph® NX Software. Experience It Transforming your data to a 3D display has never been simpler. At any time while working with a dataset, click just once to reveal an extraordinary 3D perspective of your images. Then, just as quickly, switch between different datasets to view each in 3D. The 4D Viewer is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the MetaMorph NX Software user interface - there is no need to open a separate application or slow down your work to investigate the myriad relationships between objects that can be discovered readily only in 3D. Explore It Explore your dataset in 3D by displaying just some or all channels, adjusting the transparency, color, and level of detail of each channel, and showing the volume or isosurface of channels. Spin, rock, rotate, and zoom in on the 3D display to investigate your data from all angles. Interactively slice through planes to peer into the various structures and layers of your images. Easily move through time points using the filmstrip and view the sequence as a movie. Share It Add a caption to a 3D display of your dataset and save it as a bitmap with publication-specific DPI settings. Or, create a movie of the 3D display and save it to a file or save it directly into a PowerPoint presentation. The MetaMorph NX Software 4D Viewer sheds new light on even the most complex datasets. Check out our website for more information today.

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