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Ti-Touch – finally, titration reduced to the max!



October 12, 2011

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  • Metrohm is pleased to introduce the Ti-Touch, the new compact titrator for routine analysis. The Ti-Touch, which is available for Karl Fischer titration (915 KF Ti-Touch) and potentiometric titration (916 Ti-Touch), sets the new standard for stand-alone titrators. The key-features and user benefits speak for themselves! Maximum system integration Buret, stirrer, dosing system and Touch Control module are cased in a single, compact unit. Waste of valuable benchspace is avoided. Maximum data security plus network integration – without PC With the Ti-Touch users can generate paperless, forge-proof PDF reports – without a PC. Any data generated (methods & results) can be sent directly to the LIMS or intranet and managed there. Moreover, the Ti-Touch features a USB interface, so users can simply plug in a printer, USB stick or barcode reader. Maximum user safety Due to the 800 Dosino with its patented top-down dosing principle, the Ti-Touch enables contact-free exchange of KF reagents. Maximum ease of use Up to 14 methods can each be linked to a favorite icon on the brilliant touch screen. Methods start at a single touch! Straightforward automation, plug-and-play functionality, self-monitoring of the system components and results round off the Ti-Touch’s key features. These features combined make the Ti-Touch the most powerful stand-alone titrator available in the market

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