Masterwave BTR: Microwave Synthesis for the Kilo Lab and Scale-Up



June 21, 2011

The all-new Masterwave Benchtop Reactor for the first time transfers microwave synthesis to the kilolab. A revolutionary technique allows for efficient microwave heating of a 1L vessel. A magnetic-driven integrated paddle stirrer provides independent stirring regime for individual contents to improve productivity. A rising internal temperature sensor ensures accurate temperature measurement. This is essential for direct methods transfer from other microwave devices. Masterwave BTR Features - 1700 W microwave power - 1L PTFE reaction vessel for utmost productivity - Reaction Conditions up to 250 °C and 30 bar - Integrated paddle stirrer - Rising PT100 temperature sensor - Internal closed cycle cooling system for efficient cooling - Fits in any standard fume hood

Analytical TechniquesChemistryDrug DiscoveryFlow Chemistry

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