RT² Profiler PCR Array System: Technology Overview



June 1, 2011

RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays deliver highly accurate and reliable expression analysis of a focused panel of genes. Each 96-well plate, 384-well plate, or 100-well disc includes SYBR Green-optimized primer assays for a thoroughly researched panel of relevant, pathway- or disease-focused genes. RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays can also be customized to contain a panel of genes tailored to your specific research interests. QIAGEN´s high-quality primer design and master mix formulation enable the amplification of 96 or 384 different gene-specific products simultaneously under uniform cycling conditions. This combination enables the RT2 Profiler PCR Array to provide the high degree of specificity and amplification efficiency that is required to achieve accurate real-time SYBR Green results. The simplicity of RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays makes them accessible for routine use in every research laboratory. Each array consists of a plate preloaded with validated real-time PCR primers for a panel of pathway-

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