Chromatin and Genome Studies Using ChIP and ChIPseq



July 14, 2014

Explore genome-wide organization of chromatin structure by ChIP with Dr Alon Goren in this on-demand webinar as he discusses how to analyze your ChIP data and carry out genome-wide mapping.

Webinar Topics:
- Introduction to chromatin and applications of ChIP (Chromatin IP)
- Overview of genomic approaches to map in-vivo chromatin structure (ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip)
- Detailed description of genome-wide mapping of chromatin by ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip
- Analysis methods, validations, sample requirements, reproducibility
- Usage of visualization tools such as IGV and UCSC Genome Browser
- Major scientific discoveries stemming from charting of in-vivo chromatin maps
- Chromatin states, enhancer mapping, & organization of the chromatin regulators
- Dynamics of transcription factors binding

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